NEW RESOURCE: Staying Healthy with HIV as You Age

Download this newly published booklet describing some common health problems older adults with HIV may face. Since many of them cannot be cured at present, this booklet focuses on how to manage them successfully so you can age well. Each chapter includes an overview of the condition, how you can manage it in partnership with your doctor,…Continue Reading

Geriatric Assessments Among HIV-Infected Older Adults

This study [1] looked comprehensively across physical, mental and social health domains to examine health related needs of older adults living with HIV. The study showed that among 359 people living with HIV in San Francisco:  39% reported dependence with ≥1 IADL, 40% reported falls in the previous year, 58% experienced loneliness, 55% depression, and…Continue Reading

Bone Complications in HIV

In the May issue of “Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS” there are 12 articles dealing with issues related to bone conditions in patients with HIV. An introductory editorial by Todd Brown and Patrick Mallon sets the stage for this important topic, which is particularly relevant as our patients become older and are at increased…Continue Reading


Osteoporosis in HIV and Aging

Aroonsiri Sangarlangkarn, MD, MPH, Jonathan S. Appelbaum, MD, FACP By the end of the session, learners will be able to: Describe two features that distinguish osteoporosis in HIV-infected patients from that in the general population. Outline a factor for osteoporosis in HIV-infected patients and the strategy to minimize its effects on bone health. Apply an…Continue Reading