Researchers Conclude that HIV Infected Older Adults Can be 14 Years Older than their Chronological Age

Researchers at the UCLA AIDS Institute and Center for AIDS Research and the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS), conclude from data reported in the journal PLOS ONE [1], that HIV accelerates aging related changes by more than 14 years. That number reflects other published data that shows ART treated HIV-infected older adults can evidence age…Continue Reading

High Cancer Risk for Elderly with HIV in US

HIV-infected people have higher risk of many cancers compared to HIV-uninfected people, but it is unclear if the magnitude of this elevated risk is consistent across age groups. As the proportion of HIV-infected people over age 65 is increasing over time and the elderly population is known to have high cancer risk, it is important…Continue Reading

Study of Aging with HIV Offers Clinical Insight

Aging with HIV infection is a new, world-wide, phenomenon and investigators are only beginning to understand its implications for clinical care and for our understanding of aging more generally. A collection in the July 2014 issue of Current Opinions in HIV AIDS summarizes what is understood and topics of ongoing investigation. An introductory editorial, written…Continue Reading

The “Age is Not a Condom” tagline was created by the Graphic Designer Andy Chen while he was a Fulbright Scholar at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art in London, U.K. His design project “Imaging Intimacy” ( was based on research with older adults of different ages and sexual orientations ( His design messages aimed at being respectful and age inclusive regards the sexual health of older adults. They challenge stereotypes of age, sex and health. The tagline has been incorporated by ACRIA as a website addressing aging and HIV and sexuality issues ( Chen’s designs have been used in social media campaigns at International AIDS Conferences, as well as in New York City and London.