Data from the United Nations 2014 Publication UNAIDS Gap Report 2014. An older adult is defined as a person age 50 and older.

The Aging Well with HIV Manual

The Aging Well with HIV Manual is for people aging with chronic HIV. It describes common health problems that come with chronic HIV infection. Since many of these problems cannot be cured at present, the manual focuses on how to manage them, so that you can age well despite them. To keep the manual easy…Continue Reading

New Horizon’s for HIV/AIDS

New Horizon’s for HIV/AIDS

When I was diagnosed in 1988 with HIV, I thought it was a death sentence.  The Olympic Games were only six months away and I had to make the decision whether to train or lock myself away and wait to die.  The choice to train for the Olympics was a decision I didn’t come to…Continue Reading

Diminished Physical Function in Older HIV+ Adults Despite Successful Antiretroviral Therapy

Reported by Jules Levin20th International AIDS Conference, July 20-25, 2014, Melbourne Audrey Lan, Miriam Morey, PhD, Tammy Chin, Lynn McNeil, RN, Barlett Humphries, Katherine Frankey, Carl Pieper, DPH, Charles Hicks, MD, Mehri McKellar, MD Duke University, Durham, North Carolina “More than 50% of HIV-infected adults in the U.S. will be >50 years old in 2015……There…Continue Reading

The “Age is Not a Condom” tagline was created by the Graphic Designer Andy Chen while he was a Fulbright Scholar at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at the Royal College of Art in London, U.K. His design project “Imaging Intimacy” ( was based on research with older adults of different ages and sexual orientations ( His design messages aimed at being respectful and age inclusive regards the sexual health of older adults. They challenge stereotypes of age, sex and health. The tagline has been incorporated by ACRIA as a website addressing aging and HIV and sexuality issues ( Chen’s designs have been used in social media campaigns at International AIDS Conferences, as well as in New York City and London.