Increased Depression in HIV-infected Adults

As discussed in this site’s recently updated section Clinical Recommendation on depression, the condition is common and needs detection and treatment in HIV-infected adults. A longitudinal study from a Swiss cohort has identified factors predicting new incident cases of depression. These include injection drug users and being female. Protective factors include preserved work ability, higher physical activity and older age.…Continue Reading

Increases in Cardiovascular Diseases in HIV-infected Adults

As discussed in this site’s Case Study on Cardiovascular Diseases, the literature data support the conclusion that there is a 50% increase in myocardial infarction, as well as increases in other cardiovascular diseases in HIV-infected adults. Two recent reports extend these observations to subclinical indicators of cardiovascular disease. The first (Kingsley et al.) uses coronary artery calcium measurements repeated over a…Continue Reading


Cardiovascular Diseases in HIV and Aging

By the end of the session, learners will be able to: Describe two risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in HIV-infected patients. Outline an evaluation of cardiovascular diseases in HIV-infected patients.  Explain how to modify two cardiovascular risk factors in HIV-infected patients. Suggested reading: Currier J. Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease and risk factors in HIV-infected patients.…Continue Reading