Older Adults Dominate the USA HIV/AIDS Epidemic

screen-shot-2016-07-21-at-9-01-55-pm-206x300The annual HIV and Aging Awareness Day occurs on Sept. 18th. Older adults are dominating the USA epidemic. In major metro areas more than half of all those living with HIV are age 50 and older. For example, in San Francisco the number of older adults is more than 60% and in NYC the estimate is 55%.  As the HIV-AGE initiative reminds us – those who provide clinical care to HIV infected older adults are spending more time addressing and managing comorbidities associated with aging and not HIV. Multimorbidity management is best achieved by embracing geriatrics principles (see http://hiv-age.org/clinical-recommendations/). Those principles are reflected in the just released patient centered booklets “Staying Healthy with HI2016-09-12-13_59_14-nhaaad-logo-jpg-1500x1500V” which was developed by the HIV-Aging Consensus Project (www.HIV-Age.org) with its partner ACRIA. This first ever booklet can be downloaded at http://hiv-age.org/2016/07/21/229332/. The booklet is being released at the 20th United States Conference on AIDS (ACRIA USCA Booth
216) in Florida this week. The booklet and other supporting materials can be gotten at the Exhibit Booth or by contacting ACRIA at


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