HIV-Age Mission

If there is one constant in the field of HIV medicine, it is that of constant change. The science of HIV is an ever changing landscape of new research findings, new medications with new targets and also new side effects. In addition to new populations affected by the epidemic, as the elderly, there is the ever demanding goal of seeking an actual cure for HIV disease.

Because of this constant change, every study, recommendation for treatment, and area of study within the field of HIV medicine is in need of constant updating to keep abreast of the changes. The authors of the HIV & Aging Recommendations were acutely aware of this fact. In the brief time from the publishing of the document in the fall of 2011 until now, there are many additions, updating of information and re-writes to be completed to keep the document vibrant and relevant.

In anticipation of this reality both the planning committee and expert panel suggested that to keep the recommendations a “living document” that a HIV & Aging Blog be established where a healthy, vibrant dialogue among practitioners, and others could be held. Suggestions for changes to the document would come from those practitioners currently treating elderly HIV patients.

And as the entire field of HIV & Aging continues to grow, there is also a need for a “go to” place for information and resources to assist providers, researchers, journalists, clients and the general public to find resources like; relevant journal articles, case histories, up and coming HIV & Aging Conferences, and links to other HIV organizations who include aging programs. In addition, the site contains editorials from experts in the field on emerging topics and trends, and spotlights on “hot topics”.  Most sections of the Blog provide the reader with the ability to comment to keep the dialogue on HIV & Aging alive and vibrant for the good of all interested in this field of HIV medicine.