Total Mortality Decreases as Cardiovascular Mortality Increases in All HIV Infected Adult Males and Only in Black Females

In a 2016 study researchers examined patterns of cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality for HIV-infected adults between 1999-2013. Total and proportionate cardiovascular disease mortality in HIV-infected adults was compared to the general population and those with another chronic inflammatory condition, inflammatory polyarthroplasty.  Total mortality in HIV-infected men and women decreased from 15,739 to 8,660. CVD mortality…Continue Reading

Review: Brief Aerobic Exercise and/or Resistance Training Improves Cardiorespiratory Status, Strength, Body Composition, Depressive Symptoms, QOL in HIV-Infected Adults

A recent systematic review examined the safety and effectiveness of aerobic exercise interventions on several health outcomes in HIV-infected adults. This was an update of a previous systematic 2010 review of 14 studies. Authors searched 11 databases for studies published between 2009 and April 2013. Randomized controlled trials of HIV-infected adults that compared aerobic exercise…Continue Reading

Study of 25,000 HIV Infected Veterans, 75% Older Adults, Finds Significant Health Disparities

In a retrospective sub study using the Veterans Administration (VA) database, the authors looked at health disparities in the treatment of common comorbidities among HIV-infected veterans. It is known that health disparities exist between black and non-black HIV-infected patients; blacks are less likely to be in care, to receive ART and to have viral load…Continue Reading